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About Us

DesignOra is a web design blog that provides helpful resources for web developers, designers, and Internet junkies alike. We cover coding exercises, WordPress themes, plugin development, and even Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to help your websites rank better. We’re a small team of web developers and designers that work professionally with clients. From our experiences, we distill much of what we learn into concise blog posts and articles to help others learn. Our mission isn’t to replace the best web design blogs online. We’re only here to put in our two-cents when we’ve learned something valuable and worth sharing. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Types of Content

In some capacity, each of us work as professional designers. Mark is a front-end guy, Claire is a database expert, and Joey does a little bit of everything from WordPress development to Video creation. We’ve all worked on a lot of different types of projects before and have a pretty wide umbrella of experience. We’ve seen how the pieces of successful web projects fit together and such observations allow us to help others. Here’s a short list of what we know about:

  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Java
  • Python + Django
  • Ruby + Rails
  • WordPress
  • Software Development
  • API Development
  • PHP

You’ll find these topics come up time and time again on our website but are by no means limiting factors in what we choose to discuss. Hell, you’ll likely even find posts about what we had for breakfast one day. We really don’t give a S*&% about sticking to a single “topic.”

Frequency of Posting

One of the first rules of SEO, Social Media Marketing, and generating an avid fan base is to always post on a scheduled frequency. If you can’t post every day, post every 3 days. If you can’t manage that, post-once-per-week. It’s better to post in a slower, but more predictable manner than to rush and post sporadically at random intervals. We don’t care about posting frequency either. We’re posting when we want and how we want and if that’s going to bother you it’s just as well you leave now. If you want to talk feel free to use our contact form. Just don’t expect a reply anytime soon unless you’ve got something interesting to talk about.

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